2017 Watty Winner and Wattpad Star


Read an early draft of ARC10, a 2017 Watty winner in the Storysmith category. Chapters for book 2 of the ARC10 trilogy, HMS VALEDICTION, are ongoing.



They said what?

"Great book! The first in a long time that had me wanting to just stop time and read it through in one sitting. I'm sad it is over, but overjoyed there will be a sequel...I...can...not...wait!!"


"OMG probably one of the best books I've ever read, great story plot and it's really original..."


For New Adult romance and revenge, head to the more lacivious side with Lyla Petimort for the Watty 2018 Shortlisted story, FISHNET MAGIC

"I loved this book more than my life"


"I have never really read science fiction before but your books have got me hooked."



WattCon 2018 was a blast! Grab a tub of Cherry Garcia and join me in my sorrowful pit of nostalgia. I miss you all so much. 


Be Your Own Hero: The Wattpad Writerpreneur

WattCon Day 1 panel with Jo Watson, Monica Sanz, Adrian Birch, and LL Montez. Moderated by Alysha d'Souza



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